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The Whippet Watch magazine

Publishing of our magazine has been ended. We wish to thank all past subscribers and advertisers for your support, it was an enjoyable ten years. We will bring back the archives at a later date for sale, possibly as PDF downloads in addition to the printed copies for those preferring that option. Until then have a look around and enjoy the links below for products we feel are of high quality and affordable prices.     – Mary

Show Dog Stacking blocks training tool for canines

Neat Feet Show Dog Stacking Blocks are manufactured with attention to detail, safety and durability. Weight tested to 200 pounds, slip resistant, and all surfaces allow for complete and easy sanitation!

Neat Feet Stacking Blocks come in three sizes which will accommodate toy to giant breeds, puppies to adult canines. This training tool has been tested with many breeds, on an assortment of surfaces and proven to be effective, secure, and they are made to be very durable. Visit the Show Dog Stacking Blocks training tool page by clicking here.

whippet resource center Whippet Resource Center is a great place to hit up for info, breeders, and links!

Fastrack Canine Probiotic

Conklin Fastrack probiotic microbial

All our pets are on Fastrack Microbial Supplement and are firm believers in its improvement for their overall health through the improvement of their digestive tract. Due to the improvement we have witnessed on our own, we became Independent Business Owners. For details on Fastrack Microbial Supplement Probiotic for dogs, cats, livestock and people or any other of the wide range of Conklin Products please contact us by emailing us at sighthoundleads @ yahoo . com (delete all spaces).

Measuring Wickets [Whippet Wickets] for canines

Originally designed to measure  Whippets, these measuring wickets can be made to the height requirements for any dog breed. Please note, these will NOT give the actual height of the dog, but by using a minimum and maximum you can make sure your dog is within its standard height requirements (whippet males: 18 1/2″ min. 22 1/2″ max.; whippet females: 17 1/2″ min 21 1/2″ max.).

Products making life simpler!

Mox Constrated Cleaner

Mox® Concentrated Cleaner works on all surfaces, averages $0.75 per 22 oz spray bottle saving you almost $2.00 over the retail cleaners that do half the work that Mox does! Photo to the left is of a metal storm door above the handle. Deep oily, greasy dirt from human hands and doggy paws. I personally tried cleaning this with bleach and pine cleaner, scrub brushes, and Mr. Clean Magic Sponge with no luck. I sprayed the Mox on, let it stand for a few minutes and was able to simply wipe the grime away with a damp rag. Click image to see enlarged photo.

Mox Concentrated Cleaner Photo to the right is the bottom of a metal storm door including the grimy threshold. Again, no other cleaner, or combination of, worked to get this truly deep down clean. I sprayed the Mox on, let it stand for a few minutes this time and wiped clean with a rag. Even the groves in the threshold came clean!

Mox® has been around for over 40 years, originally as an industrial cleaner. It was “Green” when that term wasn’t heard of! Totally biodegradable, and safe on the environment.

Sanox II Disinfectant Cleaner

Sanox® II disinfectant-sanitizer … hospital/industrial strength formula disinfects hard, non-porous surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, litter boxes, kennels, diaper pails and garbage cans! Concentrated and easy to mix: just add two teaspoons per 22 oz bottle.  Another money saver but higher quality sanitizer!

In addition to being a cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer, Sanox II kills illness-causing germs and bacteria preventing cross-infection, is a fungicide, virusice and mildewstat as well as a deodorizer.

I have been using Sanox II in my home and dog area with great results! The fragrance is fresh and clean, not overly strong or heavy with perfumes. I enjoy the ease of use as well as the savings with this product (average cost for a 22 oz spray bottle is $0.76 or less depending on the size bottle of Sanox® II you purchase).

Disinfect with a clean conscience. Sanox II is effective against a broad spectrum of organisms!

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